Orlando Castillo

Orlando Castillo

Noda Fit Coach

CrossFit Quarter Final Athlete 2023


ASFA Personal Training and Functional Fitness Training

About Coach

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Played Division II College Tennis at Pfeiffer University 2012-2015. Personal Philosophy: Inspire fortitude to overcome the odds with consistency and determination.

Turning Point

I coach because I care and I want to help others become their best. Is part of who I am, I like to build meaningful relationships with my teammates and the people I work with. When I coached tennis I found it rewarding to be able to connect with my players to help them find the right mindset and strategy. That taught me a lot when working with clients because there are many ways to connect with people, the challenge is to find the one that works best for them. I also believe that to truly learn skills you have to teach (It brings more awareness and detail to the craft) and to keep it, gotta give it away (share, open mind, be willing to take and give feedback).

Motivation & Passion

What I love about coaching is that every day is an opportunity to improve mind, body, and craft. I started coaching high school and college tennis, then club tennis at all ages. Eventually made the transition to fitness, but the goal remained the same, work together to become our best and overcome any challenges thrown at us. I love to see that everyone has different motivations in their journey but if there is something that feeds my fire is to see consistency and determination.

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