Courtney Shoemaker

Courtney Shoemaker

Weightlifting & Noda Fit Coach, Yoga Instructor, Adventurer

Clean & Jerk: 100 kg

Deadlift: 160 kg

Snatch: 85 kg

Clean: 106 kg

Back Squat: 150 kg


CrossFit Level 2 certification

USAW Sports Performance L2 Certification

Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training

USPA Skydiving Coach

B.A. Logistics Management

About Coach

Courtney is a previous gym owner who recently moved to Charlotte to get back into coaching and step up her own weightlifting journey while helping others do the same.

Turning Point

After years of struggling through cardio sessions to try to outpace a sedentary corporate job and poor diet, Courtney tried a CrossFit class and jumped right in. After a few years of being just an athlete and member she made the move to start her own gym to help more people find ways to live a happier healthy live. After selling her gym in 2020 she missed working with people to help them build their confidence & feel their best through movement.

Motivation & Passion

Before finding weightlifting and functional fitness I was a very unhealthy person and didn't realize how bad I actually felt, and how it was affecting every area of my life. I fell in love with the community aspect of the gym, and wanted to help others gain confidence while also gaining strength and feeling better. My main goal is help people move & feel their best in the gym, so they can live their fullest most adventurous lives outside of these walls without having to worry about being "fit enough."

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