Youth National Champion Case Study

Sean Rigsby
July 13, 2023
Youth National Champion Case Study

What does it take to become a Youth National Champion? Due to our Assessment and Personal Coaching process here at Heavy Metal Barbell, we can show you the data and detail the execution that leads to exactly that.




Ansley approached HMB with the goal of improving her competition weightlifting total after not seeing progress for a year in their previous routine. Despite youth, dedication, and experience, competition results were not progressing. During assessment, a unilateral asymmetry was identified, speed and elastic qualities were under developmental norms, and technical faults that hindered efficiency were documented.


A progressive mobility model was devised in order to address limitations and asymmetry prior to loaded/dynamic movement. A varied range of exercises with particular focus on multi-planar and plyometric qualities was employed.

Specific technical variations and instruction was utilized through trial and error until desired technical model materialized. All strength development exercises employed either a goal velocity or positional expectation. In order to discontinue a long history of wrist pain, rehabilitative exercises were also prescribed.

These considerations were synchronously programmed with best practices for an experienced but still developing youth athlete. Specific sport practice cannot be neglected, but it is important to note that the majority of Ansley's training focused on developing a broader athletic base.

Squat Force Velocity Profile Data Table



After months of hard work and dedication, Ansley is hungry for more and has some big goals for 2024. Continual progress in the identified areas is necessary and will help continue unlocking those goals. She's already demonstrated how committed she is to a plan and we're happy to be a part of journey on the way!


If you have serious performance goals, join the team that will take your training to new heights. Our coaches assess, train, and improve athletes using scientifically based protocols while developing strong, lasting relationships. That is the Heavy Metal difference.

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